I have a part time job at my local library. I read stories to little children. It's a fantastic job and I love it so much. The children are captivated with the books and I like to feel that I bring them happiness for, at least, 30 minutes of that day.

Which got me thinking...what if i try to write and illustrate a picture book? When I was little, I wrote books. They were hilarious and they didn't really have a storyline. But they allowed for me to escape into a magical world. In high school, I decided to become a writer, but several of my english teachers said I had horriable grammar. ( but, on the filp side, they did say I had great ideas and great language!) Haha.

Anyway, I've created some luster necklaces for my etsy shop. They're so charming and I love them so much. They remind me of my life when things were easier. They're tree branch like and stem from my obsession with trees in high school and college.

I would draw trees and etch trees into porcelain, paint branches....there was even one low point where I wished I was a tree (haha) (Things were a bit trying at that point in my life) (no I wasn't going crazy)

In the picture on the left, I created a porcelain segmented caddy commission for a lady in New York. It was my first commission and I enjoyed it so much! She was super easy to work with. I miss carving. It's so spontaneous and freeing. 

I'm going to post my progress here on this blog with the writing and luster necklaces. (and, hopefully, carving) I feel that the trees are leading me into something nice and imaginative...haha.