Wonderful day

My twin brother and my birthday was actually yesterday....but I'm sitting here typing at almost 1 in the morning. My family had a small gathering of friends...it was so wonderful.

Tonight, while looking at everyone, I realized how wonderful it is to have people in your life that care about you...even if you're a beyond broke college graduate with nothing to give back.

I would love to give back somehow with my art. I think it's the one thing i struggle with subconsciously. I would like to rid myself of "self"...and, somehow, help others through my gift. I want to go beyond the basics. I just felt like typing this to just get it out of my system... :/ haha.

I tried another firing today...we will see how that's going to turn out tomorrow morning. A lot of the pieces are test tiles and glaze combinations...so I'm nervous/excited. PLUS, I'm taking a trip to Charleston tomorrow too!! Hopefully, there will be a lot of pictures.

Ikea. Ikkkeeeeeaaaaa

Who DOESN'T love Ikea.


Damn straight there's an Art Fair Saturday. 

And pizza for only $1.50??!?

And a Carolina Clay visit!! I left my pottery wheel parts there. We said a little prayer. My pottery wheel stopped spinning a couple of months ago. It's an older wheel...so it might be sleepy or ready for retirement. Just like my burgundy jeep...

Monsters, Thai Tea and post college neurosis

I don't know if the monsters are a good idea but I like them. Vegetable monsters are coming to make sure you eat healthy. Maybe they're trying to push me to eat more vegetables and to stop drinking so much thai tea and eating girl scout cookies. *yummmm*

I also discovered sleeping earlier at night helps me to stay focused. Well...that's rather obvious huh.

I've also "also" discovered that I miss playing with color on clay. I'm so used to high firing, that I forgot about my color testing from my freshman days at FMU. I miss that place. But alas...we must grow and make something of ourselves past college. Then life is hectic and confusing! And THEN months go by...and you're like..."Hey. I wasted two months being confused..." Or is this just me. 

I miss this...

I should make more bird cups...tomorrow


There's something soothing about repetition. For the last two days, slip casting and trailing have been my go to style for working with clay. It's so wonderful...I've grown to appreciate my time between jobs and now, forcing on art instead of blowing time just feels like second nature.

I also am learning to be thankful. I would love love love to have a permanent studio, but by having somewhat of a space to create is better than having on space at all. -I hope this doesn't turn into a wacky public journal :/


I've been gifted a lot of things for my pursuit of ceramics...and one of my gifts were buckets and buckets full of earthernware slip. Its fun trying to think of interesting ways to create things...now I can use bright colors in clay.