It took, maybe, an hour to get the gist of it...but basically it's a database program. If you need to catagorize and organize stuff, then you need to look into Bento:

I've just started using Bento to organize my pottery pieces and .... to organize my life lol.
I have wonderful friends. We went bowling today, which was fun, and i allowed for myself to let go a bit.

So....no glazing as of yet. I keep thinking i need to test one strip of the bark texture and try both celadons (dark and light) and the Dolomite white over derek Eems red on a couple of strips.

One thing that always amazes me is the endless thoughts that clay can bring. I was thinking about uploading parts of my sketch book onto this blog because it's interesting...well to me it is lol. There are so many scattered thoughts and pictures. I have the wackiest ideas...and sketch books seem to be so beautiful in general.


Hi. Hahaha.

Lately, i've been wary of blogging. I think it comes from me being wary of life in general, but blogging just seems kinda selfish..you know? It's like...attention whore-ish.

I guess i'm being an attention whore for mah potz.

Gosh i love pottery! I don't know what it is about pottery. It's so beautiful and random...there are so many possibilities in clay. I love the texture and feel of the clay in my fingers. I love the complex process you have to go through when you're experiencing clay. I love the pain that it causes when you're so in love with a piece and it breaks. You start to lean that things are so fragile and lovely, and that nothing lasts for ever. I think that's why i became not so attached to my work.

They're so beautiful. I think it's my most varied but beautiful batch of clay i've created in all my semesters at FMU. I've been very experimental and i hope it pays off after the firing. I'm worried because i would like to get my glazes down correctly.

I'm the type of person that takes complementary colors and tries to apply it some sort of color scheme for my pots...i want it to look appealing. haha. Of course.

I'm trying to decide if i should go ahead and do a small firing, then put the rest of my pots into the large firing my professor will do a couple of weeks from now...humm...the small kiln doesn't like me much. Haha It's so temperamental.

I'm been obsessing over glazes and a friend of mine told me to calm down because it's all i've been talking about over the last week or so. I was even trying to explain my love for glazes and the complicated process of firing ni general to my professor...but the words came out of my mouth in a jumbled mess and i felt so incompetent. Oh well.

I love clay.