Gosh, things have been so busy. My glazes preformed very very well...AND my kiln fires to cone 5! I'm feeling rather overwhelmed with work and tasks that I need to stay on top of, but things are going well.

Making test tiles felt annyoing to me. I'm slowly realizing how hurried I am and how I push to finish things. I then realized I need to relax and enjoy the process. They came out very well too...
I name my tiles silly, stupid things. I didn't want to convey my immaturity haha.

Thanks to a wonder friend, I now have several buckets of terra cotta slip and over a dozen low fire and mid range glazes. I was so excited my tummy ached with happiness.

I hope life is well with you...whom ever is reading this. :)

Sleep would be nice

I'm so nervous. Firing the test tiles with glazed pieces probably wasn't the smartest thing to do... But I've been so excited to create these ceramic pieces. 

Maybe I should think about applying to graduate school in the fall...I want to get away for a long time. Plus, I would love to create in an environment where everyone is pushing themselves to try new and artistic things. 

Well, for right now, I'm excited to see what the glazes will look like tomorrow. 
So. The address was incorrect for my glaze order. Lord.


I graduated in December. I feels so freeing to not be in school.

I also started to create jewelry. I love creating small items that people can wear. Ceramic mugs and cups are beautiful, but there's something wonderful about someone placing a necklace around their neck to wear daily. It suits their mood for that day.

This is such a departure from my chiseling that it scares me a bit.

The glazes are going to arrive tomorrow and, hopefully, thurday night, I will post photos of the pieces.

Gosh, i love this.