Vultures are cray

We had an impromptu trip to IKEA in Charlotte!! (2.5 hours away from Florence at 2:30 in the afternoon) yesterday.

While driving and singing various songs (plus the chorus to this song in particular) I switched lanes to avoid hitting road kill and two vultures, which led to me hitting...a vulture. ALTHOUGH, It was his daggone fault.

Both vultures decided to move a little too late...then WAM! One had hit the side mirror of my car. Do vultures eat vultures? That was the running joke that afternoon. It was so hilarious. and sad. But mostly hilarious.

IKEA was wonderful. I live my life in day dreams, so staging several areas of a house in different options feeds my obsessive, thoughtful head-in-clouds nature. Annnnd, did you guys know Ikea sells FABRIC? I was all over that. Like, seriously, I wanted to buy all of it. They had very tasteful patterns!!!

We ate at this lovely raw place: Lunas Living Kitchen. I hate to admit, I didn't think the food was going to be filling, or even tasty...but it was DELICIOUS. Guys, seriously. Try the classic veggie burger. I wanted to lick my plate. (Bad manners :/ )

(It seriously tasted as delicious as the photo looks)

I feel bad about that vulture. oh well.

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