Small town mentalities...

I love to listen to Ted talks. I live in a small town. Since I've graduated, sometimes I feel that my brain is turning into some sort of mash mash of nothingness. Ted Talks come in handy. There's so many inventive people in the world who have amazing ideas.

Jarrett Krosoczka. He's a children book author and he talked, candidly, about how he became one

 John Maeda, the President of RISD

Sometimes, I feel that we all have this possibility to be "bigger than ourselves" but we have this journey to take to get to that point. When I was younger, I wanted to be married before the age of 23 and have children. Obviously that didn't happen, but I don't feel bitter about it anymore. Especially after seeing people around me struggle with their children. Plus, I don't have the income to take care of a child at this moment.

I feel that there's this calling for me to do something extraordinary. I think that feeling is in all of us.