My brother made buttermilk blueberry pancakes today.


I inhaled the pancakes before going to class. lol
So i made some jewery and fired it over the weekend. Everything was neat...the kiln shut off , like, 4 TIMES...grrrr, but when that cone melted to cone 9, my butt turned the gas OFF and stormed to my apartment.

I will show pictures later.
I wish there was a college course that stated how to be a successful artist.

There are so many things to think about and dimensions to consider when one wants to be an successful artist. I don't know...i mean...i would love to start and sell my work regularly before i graduate, but i have so a many aspects of myself to work on before i can be a success.

Today i walked into the ceramics room and stared at what was in the drying cage. I need to make a couple of lamps...everything is set.

Translucency is the main goal for my pieces. It feels like a guessing game to know how far to chisel into the clay, but it's fun and exciting.