It's been forever. :)

New pot's are out!

Actually, these are older pots...so...lol

I'm excited today, despite the weather...there's a tropical storm brewing about.

One thing that is really bothering me is faith. I'm believe in Jesus Christ and i feel ashamed to admit it. I know that's horrible...but one of the reasons is because i see so much pain going on in this world and the excluding people from heaven bit bothers me. Also, i feel like a hypocrite because of my thoughts and the things i say.

I guess i want to see if it's real.

I've decided to try my hardest at being a devout follower of Christ and closely observe anything that changes in my life. Which means, reading the bible and doing devotions. Praying constantly and seeking God in EVERY aspect of my life. I have a list of things that i would like to work on that deal with my inner most being. By next November, we'll see if being a follower of Christ is worth it for me.

Going natural with my hair and being okay with it (it's who i am. I need to be okay with who i am)
To not feel the need for love, intimacy and acceptance
To stop catering to people and work on myself

Lets see what happens :)


i HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN FOREVER....oops, all caps...

Alfredo stuff...in my stuff! WHAT!?

This semester i want to remember everything that has happened in my under grad degree...because i'm surrounded by some preeeeeeeeety awesome ppl...and i don't want to forget how special they are. Starting tomorrow...pictures...at least 2 a day.