Wonderful day

My twin brother and my birthday was actually yesterday....but I'm sitting here typing at almost 1 in the morning. My family had a small gathering of friends...it was so wonderful.

Tonight, while looking at everyone, I realized how wonderful it is to have people in your life that care about you...even if you're a beyond broke college graduate with nothing to give back.

I would love to give back somehow with my art. I think it's the one thing i struggle with subconsciously. I would like to rid myself of "self"...and, somehow, help others through my gift. I want to go beyond the basics. I just felt like typing this to just get it out of my system... :/ haha.

I tried another firing today...we will see how that's going to turn out tomorrow morning. A lot of the pieces are test tiles and glaze combinations...so I'm nervous/excited. PLUS, I'm taking a trip to Charleston tomorrow too!! Hopefully, there will be a lot of pictures.