Starting a Movement

I know the bowls should be cleaner...but I adore the messiness of seems as if the food was dripping off the edge.  Oh well. Maybe I should just embrace the messiness.

Slip casting isn't ideal, but it's one way to continue to be productive in ceramics without a pottery wheel. Yes, hand building is another way, but I miss the feel of the clay...the way the pottery wheel would move beneath my fingers...that slippery soothing feeling...I think I used it as therapy.

We should start a therapy of art....some sort of crazy soothing, exciting Art movement here! Create something exciting, different and thought provoking! Instead of people gossiping about silly things, we could create this "way of life..." something that caused waves of excitement with contemporary art and culture!

On Saturday, my friends and I went to Charleston and had blast. Charleston is so busy and interesting...totally different from the non existent culture of Florence. Gosh, I just wish there was something raw and interesting and fascinating going on around here! I think I'm just an excitement whore.