The Pecan Festival was a bust

For weeks, leading up to the festival, I did back to back firings. I also experimented on a few pieces and was pleased with the final results:

I'll probably create a series of splatter ceramics soon. That particular kiln opening was pretty great.

So, we went to Charleston the day before the festival to see someone, and while we were there, the litte trick or treaters were walking around the battery! There was something beautiful about it. The kids were lovely and the city is just so romantic.

Flash forward to Saturday; it was hell. A cold hell. haha. It rained as I loaded the car. Then, when i picked up Symon, it cleared a bit. I prayed and he prayed as we unloaded our car and set up the tables.

Then we waited. And it rained. And we were soaked.

It was Symon who decided to pack. I agreed halfheartedly, but I was eager to load when the rain came down harder.

The booth was so beautiful! Oh well.

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